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We investigate visual attention while interacting with geo information and in spatial decision situations. Eye tracking technology is used in order to understand users, predict their behavior, and assist them in their spatial activities. We combine competences and methods from Geographic Information Science, Computer Science, and Human Computer Interaction. We currently focus on the following three application areas:

Gaze-Informed LBS

Gaze-Informed Location-Based Services (GAIN-LBS) are LBS that consider the user's gaze as one type of context information.

Gaze-Based Geographic HCI

Gaze-based interaction with digital maps or other types of geographic information visualizations.

Spatial Awareness in Aviation

Improving a pilot’s spatial awareness by enhancing flight operations and pilot training with gaze-based interactions.


New Article Published in Human-Computer Interaction

What is unobtrusive interaction? Find it out from this new article.

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Winter School 2023: Summary

What an exciting way of starting into the new year!

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Full Paper published at ICMI 2022

Two-Step Gaze Guidance

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Eyes4ICU: 2 open positions in MSCA doctoral network

Eyes for Interaction, Communication, and Understanding

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PhD graduation Tiffany C.K. Kwok


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