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Current Team Members

Martin Raubal

Martin is Professor of Geoinformation Engineering at ETH Zurich. He was previously Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, UCSB. Martin’s research interests lie in the areas of Mobility & Energy, more specifically in LBS, spatial cognitive engineering, mobile eye-tracking, and GIS for renewable energy analysis. He serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Location Based Services. Martin has authored and co-authored more than 140 books and research papers published in refereed journals and conference proceedings.

Peter Kiefer

Peter is leading the Geo Gaze Lab since it was started in 2011. He is working as a Senior Researcher (Oberassistent) at the Chair of Geoinformation Engineering at ETH Zurich. Peter’s research interest include gaze-based interaction for spatial decision support, and visual search strategies on maps as well as during wayfinding. He is the principle investigator of the LAMETTA and IGAMaps projects. Before, Peter has been a research and teaching assistant at the University of Bamberg, Germany, where he finished his PhD on “Mobile Intention Recognition”.

Ioannis Giannopoulos

Ioannis is a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer working on mobile eye tracking and HCI. His research interest focuses on wayfinding, assistance systems, decision making as well as on spatial cognition. In December 2015, he successfully defended his dissertation work at ETH, with the title "Supporting Wayfinding Through Mobile Gaze-Based Interaction”. Before that, he received his M.Sc. in Computer Science from Saarland University in 2011, conducting his thesis at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbrücken.

David Rudi

David is a doctorate student who joined the GeoGazeLab in Juli 2014. He finished his Master degree in Computer Science at the University of Saarland (Saarbrücken). His research interests lie in the field of “Situation Awareness”, “Aviation” and “Training”. In his research he investigates the role of Situation Awareness (in particular concerning the aspect of Spatial Awareness) of pilots in the cockpit. More generally, he is interested in any research done in environments that require constant monitoring and surveillance and are sensitive with regard to reaction time.

Vasileios Anagnostopoulos

Vasileios Athanasios Anagnostopoulos is a doctorate student who joined the GeoGazeLab in September 2015. He obtained his diploma from the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens in 2013 and completed a M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Piraeus in 2015. His research interests are in the fields of mobile eye tracking and human computer interaction. Currently he is working in a research project concerning gaze-based interaction techniques in outdoor environments.

Fabian Göbel

Fabian is a PhD. Student who joined the GeoGazeLab in February 2016. Before he studied Media Computer Science at the Interactive Media Lab at the Dresden University of Technology, Germany, where he defended his Diploma Thesis on “Information Perception in the Visual Periphery” in 2015. Now he is working on the IGAMaps Project. His research is focused on using Eye Tracking to support the work with interactive cartographic maps with intelligent and implicit Interface Adaptions.