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SWISS project presentation

On the 28th of November Martin Raubal, Peter Kiefer and David Rudi from the GeoGazeLab co-hosted a project presentation of the “Awareness in Aviation” project in collaboration with SWISS International Air Lines Ltd.

During that event the project and its goals was first presented to a wider audience consisting of guests from SWISS International Air Lines Ltd., Swiss Aviation Training, the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (BAZL) and journalists from different news journals. One of the journals was the “My SWISS” magazine, which recently published an article of the event.

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Article in Horizonte

The latest issue of the Horizonte magazine, published by the Swiss National Science Foundation, is reporting on our research.

Source: Horizonte 111, December 2016

German (PDF)

English (PDF)

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Department Annual Report: Spatial Awareness

A research highlight on “Spatial Awareness in the cockpit” has been published in the annual report of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering!

David Rudi, Peter Kiefer, and Martin Raubal. Spatial awareness in the cockpit. Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, ETH Zurich, Annual Report 2015, April 2016.

See also: Research on “Aviation Safety”

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Project with an internationally operating airline

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation will fund our project on “Enhanced flight training programs for monitoring aircraft automation” (January 2015 – June 2017).

We will conduct eye tracking studies with professional pilots in flight simulators to analyze the effectiveness of visual scan strategies during aircraft operation. The ultimate goal is to include the obtained insights into pilot training programs. Read more about our research on aviation.

The project is a cooperation with an internationally operating airline. Further collaborators are the NASA Ames Research Center and Prof. Dr. Robert Mauro (University of Oregon, USA).